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Ridcully believed that everything had come int…

Ridcully believed that everything had come into being by chance or, in the particular case of the Dean, out of spite.

‘In that case,’ he said, in the sudden silence…

‘In that case,’ he said, in the sudden silence, ‘I have worked out, with reference to calorific tables, a regime that will give every man here a nourishing three meals a day–’

The Senior Wrangler frowned.  ‘Three meals?  Three meals?!  What kind of person has three meals a day?’

‘Someone who can’t afford nine,’ said Ponder flatly.


“Ridcully sighed.

‘All right, you fellows,’ he said. ‘No magic at Table, you know the rules. Who’s playing silly buggers?’

The other senior wizards stared at him.

‘I, I, I don’t think we can play it any more,’ said the Bursar, who at the moment was only occasionally bouncing off the sides of sanity, ‘I, I, I think we lost some of the pieces…”

– Terry Pratchett – Reaper Man



my sister made some coloring things for me, hehehe this was such a fun to color! – I’m learning to use new watercolors :3

vonlipvig: Time for “Spin! That! Discworld Cha…


Time for “Spin! That! Discworld Character Appreciation! WHEEL!”

I’ve never drawn Ponder Stibbons before, so here’s a quick doodle of him. He’s such a great character, I love him!


“You can tell he’s a wizard, because he’s got a pointy hat with a floppy brim. It’s got the word “Wizzard” embroidered on it in big silver letters, by someone whose needlework is even worse than their spelling.”

– Terry Pratchett – Sourcery

There are eight levels of wizardry on the Disc…

There are eight levels of wizardry on the Disc; after sixteen years Rincewind has failed to achieve even level one. In fact it is considered opinion of some of his tutors that he is incapable even of achieving level zero, which most normal people are born at; to put it another way, it has been suggested that when Rincewind dies the average occult ability of the human race will actually go up by a fraction.


“‘You? We can’t take you,’ said the Dean, glaring at the Librarian. ‘You don’t know a thing about guerrilla warfare.’

‘Oook!’ said the Librarian, and made a surprisingly comprehensive gesture to indicate that, on the other hand, what he didn’t know about orangutan warfare could be written on the very small pounded-up remains of, for example, the Dean.”

– Terry Pratchett – Reaper Man


“The Archchancellor was not the kind of man who takes a special pleasure in being brusque and rude to women.  Or, to put it another way, he was brusque and rude to absolutely everyone, regardless of sex, which was an equality of a sort.”

– Terry Pratchett – Reaper Man

sator-the-wanderess: The Librarian and Rincewi…


The Librarian and Rincewind in their early years at the Unseen University

Based on THIS post (the Librarian was a cinnamon roll even when he was human)