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Have both the blue (and more dramatic) and the red (and more warm) versions, because I couldn’t choose which is better.

Ah these are so lovely! I adore the sort of noir feel they have to them. William Downey, PI (and assassin). Also the creepy feeling really comes through.

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“Watchmen in our bank? Shut the door on them!”
“Times have moved on, Auntie. We can’t do that anymore.”
“When your great-grandfather pushed his brother over the balcony the Watch even took the body away for five shillings and a pint of ale all round!”
“Yes, Auntie. Lord Vetinari is the Patrician now.”
“And he’d allow watchmen to clump around in our bank?”
“Without a doubt, Auntie.”
“Then he is no gentleman,” the aunt observed sadly.

– on Vetinari’s failings according to the wealthy |
Terry Pratchett, Making Money


“You know, of course, that I have plans?”
“It was in the Times. The Undertaking. You want to build roads and drains and streets under the city. There’s some dwarf machine we’ve got hold of, called a Device. And the dwarfs can make waterproof tunnels. The Artificer’s Guild is very excited about it all.”

– The aftermath of Thud! |
Terry Pratchett, Making Money


“It would appear that the leopard does change his shorts, sir,” mused Drumknott, as the evening mist drifted, waist-high, along the street.
“It would appear so, indeed. But Moist von Lipwig is a man of appearances. I’m sure he believes everything he said, but one must look beyond the surface to the Lipwig beneath, an honest soul with a fine criminal mind.”
“You have said something similar before, sir,” said the secretary, holding open the coach door, “but it seems that honesty has got the better of him.”
Vetinari paused with his foot on the step.
“Indeed, but I take some heart, Drumknott, from the fact that, once again, he has stolen your pencil.”
“In fact he has not, sir, because I was most careful to put it in my pocket!” said Drumknott, in some triumph.
“Yes,” said Vetinari happily, sinking into the creaking leather as Drumknott started to pat himself down with an increasing desperation, “I know.”

– he’s collecting the whole set |
Terry Pratchett, Making Money


“The bank needs to be run by someone who understands banks.”
“People who understand banks got it into the position it is in now,” said Vetinari. “And I did not become ruler of Ankh-Morpork by understanding the city. Like banking, the city is depressingly easy to understand. I have remained ruler by getting the city to understand me.”

– on qualifications |
Terry Pratchett, Making Money

‘Many fine old manuscripts in that place, I be…

‘Many fine old manuscripts in that place, I believe. Without price, I’m told.’

‘Yes, sir. Certainly worthless, sir.’

‘Is it possible you misunderstood what I just said, Commander?’

‘Could be, sir.’


“What do you mean by ‘unsecured’?” he said.
“How do you validate its claim to be worth a penny?”
“Er, if you stick it on a letter you get a penny’s worth of travel?” said Moist. “I don’t see what you’re getting at–”
“Mr. Bent is one of those who believe in the preeminence of gold, Mr. Lipwig,” said Vetinari. “I’m sure you’ll get along exactly like a house on fire.”

– he’s enjoying this |
Terry Pratchett, Making Money


“Look out of the window and tell me what you see.”
“Um… a small, scruffy dog watching a man taking a piss in an alley,” said Moist. “Sorry, but you chose the wrong time.”
“Had I been taken less literally,” said Lord Vetinari, giving him a Look, “you would have seen a large, bustling city, full of ingenious people spinning wealth out of the common clay of the world.”

– no one answers right when he asks that question |
Terry Pratchett, Making Money


“A banker? Me?”
“Yes, Mr. Lipwig.”
“But I don’t know anything about running a bank!”
“Good! No preconceived ideas.”
“I’ve robbed banks!”
“Capital! Just reverse your thinking,” said Lord Vetinari, beaming. “The money should be on the inside.”

– on qualifications |
Terry Pratchett, Making Money


“Ahead of you, Mr. Lipwig, is a life of respectable quiet contentment, of civic dignity, and, of course, in the fullness of time, a pension. Not to mention, of course, the proud goldish chain.”
Moist winced at this. “And if I don’t do what you say?”
“Hmm? Oh, you misunderstand me, Mr. Lipwig. That is what will happen if you decline my offer. If you accept it, you will survive on your wits against powerful and dangerous enemies, with every day presenting fresh challenges. Someone may even try to kill you.”
“What? Why?”
“You annoy people. A hat goes with the job, incidentally.”

– on persuasion | Terry Pratchett, Making Money