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30 years later, GOOD OMENS is a New York Times…

30 years later, GOOD OMENS is a New York Times Bestseller!!!

Happy Birthday, Discworld!

THE COLOUR OF MAGIC was published on this day, 24 November, 35 years ago. 



The news you have been waiting for…



Being the 25th of May and all, did you know Night Watch is currently on BBC iplayer?



One final Night Watch thought for this year

Today I reminded my dad that it was the 25th of May and asked if he wanted to listen to the BBC radio play. He smiled and said yes because, in his words, <i>Night Watch</i> is the best book Terry Pratchett ever wrote.“

I wish I could have thanked PTerry for writing a book series that my dad & I bonded over. We’ve shared laughter at his writing and a bit of tears at his passing. Being able to have this awesome thing my dad & I can talk about is a gift and I’m forever grateful for Mr Pratchett and his books. #GNU Terry Pratchett

Best Tumblr sign-in screen ever. 

Best Tumblr sign-in screen ever. 



Okay so Dear My Followers Who Aren’t Discworld People,

I bet you get so FUCKING confused when I and dozens of others are putting all this “Glorious 25th of May” stuff on your dash and I’m sorry about that so let me TELL YOU what it’s ALL ABOUT okay but I had a couple shots too fast so bear with my lightweight ass.

It’s a thing from a book called Night Watch by Terry Pratchett. On May 25 in-universe, a thing happened called the “Glorious Revolution” where in this city called Ankh-Morpork the leader (Patrician) died (was sort of assassinated sort of induced into having a heart attack) and a new leader came to power. There was a lot of unrest in the city because the regular people were like Life Sucks We Want Things To Not Suck In These Particular Ways. So the Bad side of the police got dispatched to quell the rebellion and also the damn army got made involved, while there was a group of ragtag Good police who ended up just trying to actually keep the peace and protect the rebels so things would calm down, but a bunch of them got killed and the revolution ended with the new leader sucking almost as bad as the old leader and yeah everything still kinda sucked.

Fast forward a bunch of years to our hero Sam Vimes the commander of the Watch cops chasing a criminal and getting zapped back into the past by magical lightning no that’s not a joke. Vimes was a teenage new police recruit the first time the Glorious 25th happened and now he’s in the past having to pretend to be the guy who trained him the first time. As the same things happen as happened before in this pivotal moment in his life/the city’s history.

And like!! Vimes knows what’s going to happen! He knows people are going to die!! And he knows that if anything about the past changes too much, he won’t be able to go home to his proper present. But the criminal he was chasing got zapped back to the past too and could be fucking things up even worse due to being an asshole! So Vimes has to catch that guy so he can go back to the present and have justice be served.

BUT!!!! Even though he KNOWS he probably can’t save anyone who’s “supposed to die” and even though he KNOWS he’s doomed to lose everything he has in his present if things change too much (his wife! is about to have their child!)!!! HE TRIES TO SAVE PEOPLE. Because they’re good men!! And if the price of going home is NOT TRYING! and selling those good men to the night! He doesn’t want to pay it!!

So he TRIES. So fucking hard. Because if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be Sam Vimes.

And okay anyway let’s not spoil the whole book KidK but anyway! When the good cops are out doing their duty trying to just help things be peaceful in the city, one of them is like “we should have some kind of banner or plume to show we’re in this together” and one of them is like “how about sprigs of lilac I mean they’re all over the place.” So that’s why lilac.

And that’s why Glorious 25th.

And the fandom decided to celebrate it as a remembrance of Terry Pratchett and as a Thing to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s because that’s what PTerry died of.

So that’s what this is all about. A really good book about time travel and found family and comradeship and trying your best against the worst kind of odds. And a really good author who shouldn’t be dead and trying to help others with his same illness.

That’s why lilac, that’s why 25th of May. Okay? Okay.

attilarrific: Extremely awkward angles, becaus…


Extremely awkward angles, because taking pictures of your own shoulder is HARD. But in honor of the Glorious 25th of May, have a couple photos of my glorious tattoo—sure, every so often people ask me if it’s grapes, but whatever, I don’t care, I love it.

Thank you, Sir Terry Pratchett, for writing the best book in the whole world, my One True Book, truly the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

“I recall a battle once,” said Dickins, looking up at a tree. “In history, it was. And there was this company, see, and they was a ragtag of different squads and all covered in mud in any case, and they found themselves hiding in a field of carrots. So, as a badge, they all pulled up carrots and stuck them on their helmets, so’s they’d know who their friends were and incidentally have a nourishing snack for later, which is never to be sneezed at on a battlefield.”

“Well? So what?” said Dibbler.

“So what’s wrong with a lilac flower?” said Dickins, reaching up and pulling down a laden branch. “Makes a spanking plume, even if you can’t eat it…”

And now, Vimes thought, it ends.

—Terry Pratchett, Night Watch

Happy Glorious 25th, everyone! Thanks for remembering Sir Terry Pratchett and wearing the lilac with me today.



As this glorious may 25th comes to a close, let us not forget why we wear the lilac, and let’s not forget one thing:

For John Keel.



Thank you, Terry Pratchett. Thank you for great books, thank you for a reminder that this world may be crap but we can make it better if we just try. Thank you for every moment with each character. Thank you for everything.