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“‘That bastard has just walked into the place!’ she hissed. ‘Reacher Gilt! I’ll just kill him and join you for the pudding …’ ‘You can’t do that!’ hissed Moist. ‘Oh? Why not?’ ‘You’re using the wrong knife! That’s for the fish! You’ll get into trouble!’”

— Terry Pratchett – Going Postal (via aeshnacyanea2000)

So again this is more a question for the crowd…

So again this is more a question for the crowd mind (that's a thing, right) of your followers. In the Ankh Morpork Wiki (which is great, but says odd things about women or hair that makes one wonder if we've been reading the same books, but I digress) it says that Clerk Harold from Going Postal is a gargoyle used for surveillance. The only surveillance clerk I remember in GP is Clerk Brian, who's ace at gadgets but a clumsy spy? Does anyone know which book Harold's revealed to be a gargoyle?




I saw this in the NY times and just could not …

I saw this in the NY times and just could not believe it

oh my god

leona-florianova: Moistttttt… and Alber Spang…


Moistttttt… and Alber Spangler or some other of his personalities 



Oh, the Grand Trunk management had made mistakes – oops, “well-intentioned judgments which, with the benefit of hindsight, might regrettably have been, in some respects, in error” – but these had mostly occurred, it appeared, while correcting “fundamental systemic errors” committed by the previous management. No one was sorry for anything, because no living creature had done anything wrong; bad things had happened by spontaneous generation in some weird, chilly, gemoetrical other-world, and “were to be regretted.”*

*Another bastard phrase that’d sell itself to any weasel in a tight corner.

– on the passive voice |
Terry Pratchett, Going Postal

Discworld headcanon


But like, there would be regular balls and such. ANd you’ve got Sam Vimes dancing with Sybill, very sedate, very formal, very conservative, because this is definitely not Sam Vimes’ idea of fun (well, dancing with Sybill is surprisingly pleasant and and he didn’t mind learning but it’s different when you’re in front of the posh nobs). So Sam and Sybill, and all the other couples, dancing very normal.



cutting through the crowd

It’s Mr Lipwig and Ms Dearheart, doing the tango

(Moist is the one who gets dipped of course)

ne-sy: some fanart based on Terry Pratchett’s…


some fanart based on Terry Pratchett’s   “Going postal” , “Witches abroad” and  "Lords and Ladies"

love his books

whatdiscworldtaughtme: ‘Do you not know that a…


‘Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?’

Sir Terry Pratchett, 28.04.1948 – 12.03.2015

Hey :) Could you draw Moist and Grunkle Stan i…

Hey 🙂 Could you draw Moist and Grunkle Stan interacting? Maybe with Moist trying to con Stan and Stan going "kid i invented that"