I’ve been reading the books/listening to the audiobooks of anything written by Terry Pratchett on my library’s app. It’s made some very long work days much more bearable.

I’ve especially enjoyed “The Science of Discworld” series. Having science broken down into language I can understand, interjected with the hijinks of the wizards, was really refreshing and I felt like a lot of big concepts started to feel a little more manageable. Of course the straightforward novels are all brilliant too. Thud was very interesting, same with Going Postal and Making Money. Small Gods was fascinating, and Pyramids was great fun. Of course the books where witches are the main characters are my favorite. I’m sure Terry Pratchett would have gotten quite a laugh out of my becoming a witch in part because of those novels, since he didn’t believe in magic and all. Come to think of it I’m not sure I do either, but I think it’s a mindset more than anything. 

It’s not very often you find an author who has such a grasp of character, plot, nuance, and making observations about society that are at once stunning and often funny.

Sadly not every book is available and I’m almost through them all. Thank every circumstance that ever lead to libraries.