I’ve decided to manually scroll through my six years of content to unflag all the flagged posts one by one and it’s an absurdly tedious process.

So far (I’ve almost made it to 2016) the offending posts include:

  • photos of my cat
  • photos of fossils I found
  • a ton of Doctor Who shitposts
  • my third Caerdroia comic
  • half of my 2017 Inktober (with the theme “Characters of the forest”)
  • that comic about Eight finding a distress signal from another universe
  • a comic with flower people
  • a comic with a marketplace and a bubblegum vendor
  • a dream journal illustration of a character walking in a forest

And as I said, it’s very, very tedious to unflag them one by one and request a re-examination of the content.

Really long.

And tedious.

So. You know.

It would really be a shame if EVERYONE on this site did this, and if the staff had to check ALL these posts manually, one by one. For every blog. Ever.

It would be a real shame. 🙂

Just went and checked mine, thinking “surely I’ve never posted anything that would be worthy of flagging…”

At least a dozen posts were. Mostly Discworld fanart. The only one where I could even remotely guess where the flag was coming from was the one with the Agatean sumo wrestler (though his were decidedly male-presenting nipples???)
None of my art class studies involving actual nudity, though. I’m boggling.