informal book review: Feet of Clay by Terry Pratchett

i’m obsessed with Pratchett; i think the Discworld series includes some of the best social commentary that could ever be produced in novel form, i am consistently dazzled by the gut-wrenching observations and inspiring philosophy wrapped up in all that middlebrow comedy, and i get something new and beautiful from every one of the Watchmen books. are you waiting for a but? there’s no but. i love this book. Pratchett saw all humanity’s flaws and was infuriated by them, but still had faith in us, and nowhere does this odd juxtaposition come across so clearly as in Feet of Clay. Pratchett fits so much into one tiny book. an angry mob chases one of our heroes and another hero gives a speech on the importance of maintaining society for everyone’s benefit. there are discussions of freedom of conscience, exploitation of workers, mob mentality, the disaster of unintended consequences, religious fanaticism…and then also, there are golems named things like Klutz and Bobkes and Shmata.