“‘Row, Row, Row Yer Boat’?” Daft Wullie suggested.
“Whut aboot it?” said Rob Anybody as the log began to speed up.
“Why don’t we all sing it?” said Daft Wullie. The walls of the canyon were closing in fast now.
“Okay,” said Rob. “After all, it is a pleasin’ naut-ickal ditty. And Wullie, ye’re tae keep yon cheese away fra’ me. I dinna like the way it’s lookin’ at me.“
“It hasna got any eyes, Rob,” said Wullie meekly, holding on to Horace.
“Aye, that’s whut I mean,” said Rob sourly.
“Horace didna mean tae try an’ eat ye, Rob,” said Daft Wullie meekly. “An’ ye wuz sae nice an clean when he spat ye oot.”
“An’ hoo come ye ken whut name a cheese has?” Rob demanded, as white water began to splash over the log.”
“He told me, Rob.”
“Aye?” said Rob, and shrugged. “Oh, okay. I wouldna argue wi’ a cheese.”

– conversations to have as you prepare to go over a waterfall | Terry Pratchett, Wintersmith