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My Favorite Pratchett
Literally my favorite among all of Sir Terry’s work. This is not part of his Discworld series. It takes place right here on roundworld.
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One of my kids favorites, mine too
Really loved this story. I had read it years and years ago and remembered it fondly. I read quite a bit and sometimes kind of forget some of the things I have read. I was browsing through the library and saw this one day. I picked it up and read through it again to make sure it was kid friendly. Then I read it to my kids who were probably at early elementary school age at the time. They LOVED it. Great characters, great story, and a bit of a lesson in life. It covers some pretty big and important concepts about the world in general. It is really cleverly done.
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Early Terry Pratchett – Shows what is to come
I became a Terry Pratchett fan as soon as I read my first Discworld novel over ten years ago. Since then I have read and re-read every novel in the series. This book was written before Terry discovered the Discworld, so this novel has a totally different setting.
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All Fans will Appreciate Bromeliad Books, Not Just Children
Having these three books in one volume is just right for the reader. These are all delightful stories with adventure. As usual with Pratchett, these are great for all ages, particularly about age 10 and up. As an adult reader, the charm in these books and the humor that adults catch in the foibles of adult behavior is precious and hilarious.
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I read this trilogy to my daughter
I read this trilogy to my daughter, she was 6 years old at the time. It was the 10 minutes at bed time kind of reading and took an entire summer to get through. She is 12 now and read the trilogy on her own a few times. It is a marvelous tale, a little bit fantasy, a little but sci-fi, very funny and very endearing.
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Fun story. Kids will enjoy it
Fun story. Kids will enjoy it, but many of the jokes will be lost on them. I think I’ve bought three copies now and keep giving them away.
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Terry is the best!
If you love Terry Pratchett, this has GOT to be in your library! I think I’ve read all his books and there’s not a one I dislike. Get it.
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Another Terry Pratchett treasure
Everything Terry Pratchett touched turned to gold memories
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love it
Great Book!
Great book. Buy it
Five Stars
Good kids book – fun for adults
(My sons loved this book also
Five Stars