“I remember, before I was blind, I went to Omnia once. And in your Citadel I saw a crowd stoning a man to death in a pit. Ever seen that?’

‘It has to be done,’ Brutha mumbled. ‘So the soul can be shriven and-’

‘Don’t know about the soul. Never been that kind of philosopher,’ said Didactylos. ‘All I know is, it was a horrible sight.’

‘The state of the body is not-’

‘Oh, I’m not talking about the poor bugger in the pit,’ said the philosopher. ‘I’m talking about the people throwing the stones. They were sure all right. They were sure it wasn’t them in the pit. You could see it in their faces. So glad it wan’t them in the pit that they were throwing just as hard as they could.”

– Terry Pratchett – Small Gods