Thus, Always. – oneinspats – Discworld – Terry…

Thus, Always. – oneinspats – Discworld – Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]:


Chapters: 13/?
Fandom: Discworld – Terry Pratchett
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Lord Downey/Havelock Vetinari, other canon pairings
Characters: Lord Downey, Havelock Vetinari, Mad Lord Snapcase, Samuel Vimes
Additional Tags: Dead People, assassins being assassins, tyrants being tyrants, Mushrooms, everything can be a poison, it’s the dose that matters, very early days of established relationship
Series: Part 2 of coveting desperate things

After no more a desolate thing Downey and Vetinari are muddling through. Unfortunate segues into the past which runs parallel to the present. Families are a sticky business, always. Oh, and there’s been a death. 

[You do not have to read ‘no more…’ to read this.]

Obligatory Excerpt: 

The students sit in sullen thought. Jones audibly sighs, complaining that the question is too hard. How are they supposed to know? Downey, with great cheer, says that anyone who is enterprising and hoping to make a mark of themselves in class should be able to find the answer without a problem. As he dismisses them for the day he adds that whoever can get him the answers first before their next class will get, at the very least, bragging rights. The students complain.

‘And maybe something else, I’ll have to think about it.’

This raises more enthusiasm and as they exit Downey can hear Rideau bragging that she’ll be the one who figures it out first since everyone else are a bunch of stupid scags.

He leans out the door, ‘language, Ms Rideau.’

She smiles and says, ‘of course, Dr. Downey!’ Before rolling her eyes and grabbing her friend to run as soon as the teacher isn’t looking.