“And now that she’s come to the attention of the Wintersmith, well…”
“She fascinates him,” said Granny Weatherwax.
“That’s going to be a big problem.”
“Which she will have to solve.”
“And if she can’t?”
“Then she’s not Tiffany Aching,” said Granny Weatherwax firmly. “Ah, yes, she’s in the Story now, but she don’t know it! Look at the snow, Miss Tick. They say that no two snowflakes are alike. How could they know something like that? Oh, they thinks they’re so smart! I’ve always wanted to catch ‘em out. An’ I have done! Go outside now, and look at the snow. Look at the snow, Miss Tick! Every flake the same!”

– the snow |
Terry Pratchett, Wintersmith