I just finished Guards! Guards! and I’m so happy I went into it without knowing everything. I’m honestly surprised by how good the romance between Vimes and Sybil is. It didn’t need a lot of buildup, and the moment she mentioned how dragons showing up whenever she and Vimes met being like their tune I felt that it was just right. 

I really like how Vetinari seems to be so cynical, yet also seems to put that to use in service of the city, and how even though he might have a bit of a point, the Watch being so humble absolutely stuns him. I have to wonder, considering he wanted Lupine alive and considered him useful, would he have made him a similar offer like the one he would give to Moist, and later Gilt? 

Also I love how witty the writing is. I kept smiling throughout the whole book. I mean everything I’ve read from Terry Pratchett had been witty and great, but I think Guards! Guards! might be my new favorite just because I feel like everything worked. 

I can understand why the Watch became so popular and why they received so many other books in the Discworld series