‘Well, as I see it, our main difficulty will b…

‘Well, as I see it, our main difficulty will be to make the public take Hell–and you for that matter–seriously.  I mean, the generally accepted theory of Hell is a sort of fiery funace, with you prodding lost souls with a pitchfork and hordes of demons and what-not running around yelling–  Hey, that reminds me, where is everybody–er, soul?’


‘Lost souls and demons and banshees and what-not?’

‘Oh, them.  Well, like I said, no one has been down here for two thousand years, excapt that nit, Dante.  And all the souls down here gradually worked their way up to Purgatory, and thence to–yes, well, the demons all got jobs elsewhere.’

‘Tax collectors,’ murmured Crucible.