Why I love Discworld

My partner has a Kobo ereader, she was given it a few years back already loaded up with a bunch of books that her friends thought she would enjoy, including the majority of the Discworld books.

But as with many people she tried to start with the colour of magic and just couldn’t get into it.

Well, she knows I am a massive pratchett fan, she’s seen the books littered around my house, my pratchett ring, we watched the hog father and going postal together, we’ve even played a game of Thud! So she asked me “How do you get into Discworld”

I said “Don’t read the series in order, read the storyarchs in order but not in the publishing order, you have to find that one book that will get you addicted”

So she asked me to pick a book to help her get started.

I spent about a week thinking about it before suggesting she started with Equal Rites.

She completed it in less than 3 days, she couldn’t stop reading it.

That’s why I love Discworld, cause once you’re in, you may as well consider yourself an Ankh Morpork resident.