“Would a minute have mattered? No, probably not, although his young son appeared to have a very accurate internal clock. Possibly even 2 minutes would be okay. Three minutes, even. You could go to five minutes, perhaps. But that was just it. If you could go for five minutes, then you’d go to ten, then half an hour, a couple of hours…and not see your son all evening. So that was that. Six o’clock, prompt. Every day. Read to young Sam. No excuses. He’d promised himself that. No excuses. No excuses at all.”

– Terry Pratchett – Thud


Celebrating with some Great Dad Sam Vimes!!

And Shout out to my dad for being awesome and still exercising his embarrassing parent skills on a regular basis!

I hope great father’s everywhere have an awesome day and embrace their inner Sam Vimes with gusto!!

“Where’s my daddy? Is that my daddy? He goes “Buggrit! Millennium hand and shrimp!” That’s Foul ‘Ole Ron! That’s not my daddy!“