💜: Do you have anything you’d want to ask Sir Terry?

Yeesh, this is tough.

Of course I want to know the future of the Disc. I know there was more, and I know we can’t know it, but I’d want to ask. And I’d want to ask the specifics, what happens to so and so, how does such and such a place change, what’s the next great invention… But really, more than that, I’d like to know all the little bits and pieces of knowledge that he seems to carry around with him, letting it sit for years until he places it gently into a throwaway joke in a footnote somewhere. Reading his books, it’s so clear he was interested in absolutely everything, and I’d like to just hear him talk about whatever he was interested in at the moment. No matter what, it would be an education.

But I think, really, honestly, I think that if I got the chance, I’d ask him to tell me some stories about his daughter. See, I went to see him talk in October 2012. At that point that he was having a much harder time with his health, and it was a challenge to make so many public appearances, and you could see that it was difficult. But someone asked some question that gave him the chance to talk about his daughter Rhianna and he just lit up; he was so excited to talk about her. It was so clear, in every word and every gesture, how immeasurably proud he was of her. And, after the talk, when we got the chance to briefly meet him individually, I did ask him a Disc question that he didn’t know the answer to, and he told me so. But he also mentioned that Rhianna had been considering taking over the series. And he said, and this is a direct quote: “She is so very like me, that if anyone in the world can do it, it’s her. And she’ll probably do it better.”

That’s what I remember most distinctly, and why I think I’d ask for more – because it was so clear how very much he loved talking about her. (Frankly, I do too; she’s one of my writing idols in her own right and I dearly hope I get the chance to tell her so someday.) Also, she used to and probably still does get asked for interviews about her work, only to be asked all kinds of questions about her dad instead. And I think if he were to hear that he’d say that it sounds like bullshit, and he’d have no problems with me interviewing him about her for a change.

Plus, they were good stories. I loved hearing them almost as much as he loved telling them. I’d love to hear more.