Working in bookstores is weird,

it’s shelving and Harry Potter and customer service like any other,

until it’s a distressed parent, and a child in hospital because of depression, and they just need something, something to distract them, something to pull them out, something to remind them that they’re going to be ok and that the world isn’t always dark, a lifeline and a lantern and a weapon and all the things that books can be.

Then you’ve got to find it and hope it’s right and good and can be a piece of all the things they need.

Down Among the Sticks and Bones, because sometimes the world you’re in isn’t the one you need but that doesn’t mean the one you need isn’t waiting for you. That it won’t be better and stranger and scarier and more perfect than you can imagine. That when you find it you can be whatever you want and you’ll fit perfectly with all your flaws.

Wee Free Men, because you need to laugh, and to know when to draw a line in the chalk, to say this is mine, my land, my family, my hills, my choice. Because sometimes what you need is a frying pan and room to swing it.