“The first thyng Tak did, he wroten hymself;
the second thyng Tak did, he wroten the Laws;
the thyrd thyng Tak did, he wroten the World;
the fourth thyng Tak did, he wroten ay cave;
the fyfth thyng Tak did, he wroten a geode,
ay egge of stone; and in the gloamyn of the mouth of the cave, the geode hatched and the Brothers were born; the first Brother walked toward the light, and stood under the open sky-”
“This is just the story of the Things Tak Wrote,” Cheery whispered to Vimes. Vimes shrugged, and watched as some of the bodyguards hustled the old grags in the circle, Ardent among them.
“It’s not new or anything?” Vimes said, disappointed.
“Every dwarf knows it, sir.”
“–He was the first Dwarf,” Bashfullsson translated. “He found the Laws Tak had wrytten, and he was endarkened–”
The crackling voice went on, and then Bashfullsson, who had his eyes closed in concentration, opened them in shock. This time, he didn’t bother with olde-world language.
“…uh… Then Tak looked upon the stone and it was trying to come alive, and Tak smiled and wroten: ‘all thyngs strive,’” said the dwarf, raising his voice above the growing commotion around him. “And for the service the stone had given, he fashioned it into the first Troll, and delighted in the life that came unbidden. These are the thyngs that Tak wroten!”

– The Thyngs that Tak Wroten |
Terry Pratchett, Thud!