“Eight trolls, thirty-two dwarfs. Dwarfs always start. A dwarf is small and fast and can run as many squares as possible in any direction. A troll – because we’re stupid and drag our clubs, as everyone knows – can only move one square in any direction. There are other types of moving, but what do you see so far?”
Vimes tried to concentrate. It was hard. This was a game, it wasn’t real. Besides, the answer was so obvious that it couldn’t be the right one.
“It looks like the dwarfs must win every time,” he ventured.
“Ah, natural suspicion, I like that. In fact, among the best players, the bias is slightly in favor of the trolls,” said Mr. Shine. “This is largely because a troll can, in the right circumstances, do a lot of damage.”

– how to play | Terry Pratchett, Thud!