“What do you know about Mr. Shine?” said Vimes.
“Er… he a bit like a troll god…” Detritus muttered.
“Don’t get many gods in here, as a rule,” said Vimes. “Someone’s pinched the secret of fire, have you seen my golden apple? It’s amazing how often we don’t get that sort of thing in the crime book. He’s a troll, is he?”
“Kinda like a… a king,” said Detritus, as if every word was being dragged from him.
“I thought trolls didn’t have kings these days,” said Vimes. “I thought every clan ruled itself.”
“Right, right,” said Detritus. “Look, Mister Vimes, he Mr. Shine, okay? We don’t talk about him much.” The troll’s expression was a mixture of misery and defiance. Vimes decided to go for a weaker target.
“Where did you find him, Brick? I just want to–”
“He came callin’ to help you!” snarled Detritus. “What you don’, Mister Vimes? Why you go on askin’ questions? Wi’ the dwarfs you have pussy feet, must not upset ‘em, oh no, but what you do if dey was trolls, eh? Kick down der door, no problem! Mr. Shine bring you Brick, give you good advice, an’ you talk like he bein’ a bad troll! I’m hearin’ now where Captain Carrot, he tellin’ the dwarfs he the Two Brothers. You fink that make me happy? We know dat lyin’ ol’ dwarf lie, yes! We groan at it lyin’, yes! You want to see Mr. Shine, you show humble, you show respec’, yes!”

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Terry Pratchett, Thud!