“Certainly we need to talk to you,” said Carrot. “Do you want a lawyer?”
“No, I ate already.”
“You eat lawyers?” said Carrot.
Brick gave him an empty stare until sufficient brain had been mustered.
“What d’y’call dem fings, dey kinda crumble when you eat dem?” he ventured.
Carrot looked at Detritus and Angua, to see if there was going to be any help there.
Could be lawyers,” he conceded.
“Dey go soggy if you dips ‘em in somfing,” said Brick, as if undertaking a forensic examination.
“More likely to be biscuits, then?” Carrot suggested.
“Could be. Inna packet wi’ all paper on. Yeah, biscuits.”

– It’s a fine line | Terry Pratchett, Thud!