A hill like this one, overlooking a darkening …

A hill like this one, overlooking a darkening countryside  wreathed in ragged mists, and the sun sinking.  Her mother had taken her there, and they stood in the small crowd that was the total population of almost half a country.  Most of them were robots.  One of them, a Class Eight, hide criss-crossed with repair welds, lifted her onto its shoulders for a better view.

The dancers were all robots, although the fiddler was human.

Thump, thump went the metal feet on the dark turf, while the early bats hunted for insects overhead.

The steps were perfect.  How could they be otherwise?  There were no men to hesitate or stumble.  The world was too full of things for the few humans to do that they should concern themselves with this.  Yet they knew that such things must be continued against the day men could once again pick up the reins.  Back and forth, crossing and leaping, the robots danced their caretaker Morris.

And young Kin Arad had decided then that people should not become extinct.