i-ate-nt-dead: Somehow, the woods had changed….


Somehow, the woods had changed. Ridcully was certain that in his youth they’d been full of bluebells and primroses and – and bluebells and whatnot and so on. Not bloody great briars all over the place. They snagged at his robe and once or twice some tree-climbing equivalent knocked his hat off. (…)

He’d got caught up again.

“Wait a minute!”

“Entirely the wrong sort of clothes for the country!”

“I wasn’t expecting a hike through the woods! This is ceremonial damn costume!”

“Take it off, then.”

“Then how will anyone know I’m a wizard?”

“I’ll be sure to tell them!”
-Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies

(Description: An old man in a black hooded robe with a long gray beard pushes his way through shoulder-high plants. He is carrying a staff that seems to have some kind of sheep’s horn on the end of it.)