“Hold it,” said the Dean, pointing his bow.
The shape stopped.
“Ah,” said the Dean, happily. “Ha, I expect you are wondering, eh, I expect you are wondering, indeed, if I have any chocolate left? And as a matter of fact I’m no–”
“No,” said the Auditor, drifting forward.
“What? Pardon?”
“I am not wondering if you have any chocolate left,” said the dark apparition. “You have none left. The Higgs & Meakins Luxury Assortment comprises two each of: Walnut Whips, Strawberry Whirls, Caramel Bars, Violet Creams, Coffee Creams, Cherry Whips and Walnut Clusters and one each of Almond Delight, Vanilla Cup, Peach Cream, Coffee Fondue and Lemon Extravaganza.”
The Dean smiled the smile of a man whose Hogswatches had come all at once. He raised the bow.
“Then be so kind as to say good day to the Nougat Surprise!”
There was a twang. The sweet flew. For a moment the Auditor wavered, and the wizards held their breath. Then, with the slightest of whimpers, it faded into nothing.
“Everyone forgets the Nougat Surprise,” said the Dean, turning to the other wizards. “I suppose it’s because it’s so irredeemably awful.”

– on Nougat Surprise |
Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, and Jack Cohen, The Science of Discworld III: Darwin’s Watch