i-ate-nt-dead: But here, away from the great c…


But here, away from the great centres of population, where the Circle Sea meets the desert, there is a line of cold blue fire. Flames as chilly as the slopes of Hell roar towards the sky. Ghostly light flickers across the desert. The pyramids in the ancient valley of the Djel are flaring their power into the night.

The energy streaming up from their paracosmic peaks may, in chapters to come, illuminate many mysteries: why tortoises hate philosophy, why too much religion is bad for goats, and what it is that handmaidens actually do.
– Terry Pratchett, Pyramids

(Image description: a green-toned postal stamp featuring an image of a pyramid illuminated by a glowing sun. On a ridge above the pyramid, two men and a camel stand under some palm trees looking down into the valley of the pyramid. A smaller pyramid is in the distance. The bottom of the stamp reads ‘Djelibeybi’ and a curly script that presumably says the same thing in another language. The left hand corner gives the value as ‘1t’ and the right hand corner, again, presumably says the same thing in the other script.)