Some ways to honor Terry Pratchett on his deat…


  • Strive to understand people you perceive as different from you
  • Tell a truly outrageous pun
  • Eat a bacon sandwich
  • Stand up against an oppressive authority (up to and including punching them)
  • Sing a bawdy song including wizard’s staffs and/or hedgehogs
  • Consider the importance of Angels
  • Demand a free but responsible press
  • Forge a sword out of a meteorite. If you do not have one on hand, store-bought is fine
  • Take responsibility for your actions, be they good or bad or neither
  • Recognize there is injustice in the world, but refuse to accept it
  • Look Up
  • If you have the hattitude, doff a nice-looking chapeau of some kind
  • Make time for the things that matter
  • Live.